The House of Prophecy (Book Two) - Signed

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  • The House of Prophecy (Book Two) - Signed

* Ozma Fantasy Award (Semi-finalist)
* Dante Rossetti Award (Semi-finalist)


The Child of Chaos changed the world. The House of Prophecy could tear it to shreds.

When Lorre fulfilled her destiny, she didn’t expect to survive. In fact, prophecy warns that her continued existence could rip the world apart. However, nothing can deter Galen from trying to coax his mother back home from the Dreaming nor stop the Harbingers of Chaos from trying to transform her into their new goddess.

Searching for the keys to decipher the prophecy leads to the mysterious Home for Wayward Children—but the manor’s dark history and long-hidden secrets unlock Lorre’s immense power and push her to the brink of madness.

Galen, Dantess, and their friends aren’t even sure what side they should be fighting on. Getting his mother back was everything Galen dreamed of, but keeping her alive could doom them all.

The House of Prophecy is the next book in the multiple award-winning YA fantasy series the Chronicles of Chaos. Its tale of inevitable rebellion, immeasurable magic, and imminent divinity is sure to enthrall fans of Rick Riordan, Brandon Sanderson, and George R. R. Martin.

A soft cover or hard cover copy of Glen Dahlgren’s The House of Prophecy, Book Two of the Chronicles of Chaos, 6" x 9" edition.

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