The Child of Chaos (Book One) - Signed

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  • The Child of Chaos (Book One) - Signed

* Readers' Favorite Gold Medalist for YA Epic Fantasy
* American Fiction Award Winner for Epic/High Fantasy
* IAN Book of the Year Winner for Outstanding Debut Novel

"This is what fantasy fiction should be." --Piers Anthony, New York Times bestselling author of the Xanth series


Nothing can break the stranglehold the gods of Order have on the world . . . except a roll of the dice.

An irresistible longing drags Galen to an ancient vault where, long ago, the gods of Order locked Chaos away. Chaos promises power to the one destined to liberate it, but Galen's dreams warn of dark consequences.

He isn't the only one racing to the vault, however. Horace, the bully who lives to torment Galen, is determined to unleash Chaos--and he might know how to do it.

Galen's imagination always got him into trouble, but now it may be the only thing that can prevent Horace from unraveling the world.

"There is a quality of imagination and detail here that impresses me. This is no ordinary sword and sorcery story. [Glen Dahlgren is a] novelist who I think will become more widely known as his skill is appreciated." --Piers Anthony

A soft cover or hard cover copy of Glen Dahlgren’s The Child of Chaos, book one of the Chronicles of Chaos, 6" x 9" edition. This is the most recent printing, with the new cover.

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