The Child of Chaos (Book One) - Signed

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  • The Child of Chaos (Book One) - Signed

* Readers' Favorite Gold Medalist for YA Epic Fantasy
* American Fiction Award Winner for Epic/High Fantasy
* IAN Book of the Year Winner for Outstanding Debut Novel

In a world gripped by the iron fist of Order, a gamble for freedom is about to be played, with a roll of the dice determining the fate of all existence.

Galen, a young soul drawn to the whispers of a long-forgotten vault, finds himself entangled in a prophecy older than time itself. Sealed within this ancient hall lies imprisoned Chaos, promising unimaginable power to the one who dares to free it. Yet, the path to liberation is paved with treacherous visions, foreboding dreams that haunt Galen with glimpses of a world consumed by the very force he seeks to unleash.

Unbeknownst to him, a shadow looms. Horace, his relentless nemesis, harbors desires twisted by ambition and fuelled by a knowledge that could rupture the foundations of reality itself. Now, their destinies converge, each a pawn in a cosmic game with stakes higher than they could possibly imagine.

Galen's only hope lies in his own extraordinary imagination, a trait that has often landed him in trouble but now becomes his most potent weapon. As he navigates treacherous landscapes and faces perilous challenges, Galen must outwit Horace, for the future of their world rests in the hands of the one true Child of Chaos.

The Child of Chaos is a captivating tale of rebellion, boundless magic, and the allure of forbidden power. Fans of Rick Riordan, Brandon Sanderson, and George R. R. Martin will be immersed in a world where destiny intertwines with chaos, where the very fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

"This is no ordinary sword and sorcery story. This is what fantasy fiction should be. [Glen Dahlgren is a] novelist who I think will become more widely known as his skill is appreciated." —Piers Anthony. New York Times best-selling author of Xanth

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